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Type commonly-used texts easily on any text editor or other application
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From personal data to login information, and from dates to URLs, the amount of data that we type again and again on our computers grows by the hour. TwinkiePaste offers a powerful solution to this repetitive task by saving your most widely used text snippets as “phrases” and allowing you to paste any entry to the current cursor position with a convenient key combination of your choice.

You can save any text-based string, either from the clipboard or by typing it directly in the program’s Phrase Editor. Make no mistake – TwinkiePaste is not your standard clipboard tool that can store and reuse anything that you can send to your Windows clipboard, though it can keep a history of all the items that you stored on your clipboard. The program is meant to store text strings only and has been designed to manage those “phrases” in the most efficient way. You can do that by opening the Phrase Editor, where you can create new entries, edit existing ones, and delete obsolete texts. On a side note, the interface itself offers ample room for improvement in terms of design, as it looks really cluttered and may be a bit confusing at first.

When it comes to using TwinkiePaste’s entries on your texts or webpages, all you have to do is place the mouse cursor wherever you want the snippet to be pasted, use the hotkey you selected, and pick the desired phrase from the floating menu that appears on your screen. You can also make use of the program’s macro library to insert dates, times, months, days of the week, clipboard text, cursor position, etc.

TwinkiePaste offers powerful solutions to the tedious task of typing the same texts repeatedly. Despite the minor difficulties of getting the hang of its Phrase Editor, the tool works like a charm when it comes to pasting all kinds of strings in whatever application or website you are using. This is not a free tool, but some users will surely find it well worth the price tag.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes macros for specific text strings and other functions
  • Paste text snippets with a hotkey
  • Stores an unlimited amount of texts


  • Supports text-based snippets only
  • Displays a confusing and cluttered phrase editor interface
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